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The levy has a ton of supporters, including 17 local leaders, parents, alumni, and business owners who contributed to an ad in the May 3 Granville Sentinel. View the ad below and read why they're each supporting the levy.

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“ACES was thrilled to find out that the Granville Recreation District has formally adopted a resolution in support of the levy. It’s exciting to see how many citizens and organizations recognize the value the schools bring to the community!”

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Samantha Stearns

One of the reasons we chose Granville when moving here from Colorado was because of the incredible school system. For my family, we understand that paying more in taxes to have a "private school education" within your public school system is worth it. If you want college-preparatory graduates, which I DO (eventually, since I'm a mother of preschoolers), then I'm all for supporting the school administration in this Ask.  I realize that to some we have programs in place that may be seen as "extras" or expensive but that is truly what makes us exceptional. Our district is the proud example of exceptional - and those services that support our children's learning will always outweigh the costs. 

After attending a coffee talk and hearing the reasoning behind the numbers, the explanation of upcoming costs in regard to the amount of the Ask I feel confident in the amount of the request and I trust those administrative funds are justified.  I trust them because again --- look at the  "product."  Every single time I mention in an introduction that we're relatively new here, folks say --- "I tell you what, if you're gonna live in Ohio, it's the greatest place to live." Or, "all of my children went to Granville Schools and all of them felt prepared for college and excelled." Or, "my kids started their freshman college composition class and were writing stronger than any other students in the classroom and it's because of Granville Schools."

When we relocated to Granville it was abundantly clear that the community that supports its schools is a community that raises its children together... "it takes a village" is the saying... and that's EXACTLY the kind of community that we love living in. It's exactly why we picked it and it's exactly why we're so looking forward to our son starting at Granville Elementary in the fall. 

Erik and Susan Klemetti

There is nothing more fundamental to building the future of our country than education. We need to support this levy for the Granville School District because it maintains the level of funding that has allowed our district to become one of the best in the state. It also sends a clear message to our teachers from kindergarten through high school that they are valued as integral parts of our children’s upbringing and development. Read more

Andrea Ryan Davis

Not unlike many in our community, I am a proud Granville alum who relocated back to the Village six years ago – just before my first child was born. My mother was an educator in the district for over 30 years. I am beyond grateful for the education I received during my years in the school system, but also for the time, attention and dedication that the teachers, counselors, administrators, coaches and staff put into making our schools some of the very best in the State, and beyond. There’s no question that I will vote “yes” in May to ensure that my children will have an opportunity to experience the same exceptional educational experience. Read more

Andrea Whitt

(Park Trails Forum)

As a former educator in a district where I held up signs begging the community to put education first I understand first hand the impact in a district when a levy doesn’t pass. It takes a district years to recover from a failed levy. Read more. 

Nate Willison

In my practice I analyze a company's use of funds to determine good investments for my clients. The Granville District's use and stewardship of our tax dollars is actually remarkable. We’ve attracted and retained the best teachers and they’ve given our students every resource and opportunity to ensure their future success. Its been five years since the last levy. They’ve delivered those results in the face of inflation and without additional funding. It would be foolish to expect the same results without properly planning ahead. The Return on Investment is clear! We need to properly maintain our aging buildings and equip our teachers with the tools to continually deliver one of the absolute best educations available in the State of Ohio.


Thank you for all the work you're doing. My husband and I are in our 60's, both our children graduated from Granville, we continue to support our levies. The children of our community deserve the best education, set in a safe environment.  Personally I'd find it hard it hard to believe that anyone,  wouldn't for the levy.

Charles A. Peterson

I attended several football games last year at Granville High School’s stadium, and although safety and accessibility matter, I’m reassured by board members' strong statements that renovations such as artificial turf would only be done through public/private partnership.” 

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Charlie O'Keefe

I’m hardly a regular attendee at School Board meetings, but I have seen enough of the Board at work to come away impressed by its members competence, thoroughness, and dedication.  Not to say that I’ve always agreed with every one of their decisions, but if these impressive, selfless folks have found an income tax to be the best way forward for Granville’s schools, just on its face it’s probably a position worth considering. Read more

Linda Ailes

I support the income tax idea in that it will bring relief from the high property taxes here and seem like a more fair way to derive money for our schools (especially in the light of Granville not having much industry to help in this manner). Read more

Don Haven

In May, the voters in the Granville Exempted Village School District will be asked to approve a 1.25 percent earned income tax to fund our schools. If the income tax is approved, the current property tax levy will be reduced by 5%. I am strongly in favor of a “yes” vote. Here is why. Read more

Donna Tegtmeyer

When our three children were in the Granville Schools there was a respected elder statesman in the Village who offered this wisdom at levy time... ‘Someone paid for my children to learn and enjoy a fine education in Granville; it is now my turn to support those generations coming along.’ I hope you will heed that thought and vote YES for the Granville School issue on Tuesday, May 8th.

Ceciel Shaw

My middle child cried through his first month of kindergarten--but he had the support of not only his classroom teacher, but his bus drivers and other teachers in the elementary school building who know his older sister. People who checked in on him made his ability to learn possible. His older sister struggled with reading. Her teachers continued to help her in that area, while also fostering the work she excels at. Small classes and individual attention is part of why I appreciate the Granville Schools. Read more

Josh & Aimee Sanders

One only needs to see the successful track record of Granville Schools, know its outstanding current state ranking or have a child in one of its amazing schools to appreciate the high quality education provided and positive impact in our community.  This distinction extends to Granville Schools' fiscal responsibility to ensure our public funds are used in the most prudent manner.  We have full confidence that the approach of this levy is the right one to continue Granville’s tradition of excellence in education.  Join us in voting YES.


Diversifying funding sources to include both property and an earned income tax makes much sense to me. Passage of an earned income tax will also help in that the tax generated will likely grow modestly, consistent with citizen’s salary and wage adjustments over time.” Read more. 

Natalie Houser, GHS ‘17

As I look back on my time at Granville High School, I am so thankful for the manner in which it prepared me for what was next. I am now balancing being an engineering student at Villanova University with Naval ROTC responsibilities. As I look around at some of my peers, I am amazed to see how much of what Granville provided me was not there for them, even at what might be considered ‘elite’ high schools.  Granville High School helped me understand how to manage my time, exposed me to a lot of extracurriculars, and pushed me academically and physically. In addition, leadership opportunities at GHS allowed me to become more comfortable with public speaking. And yet, I was still able to find time to have fun and pursue some art classes that I enjoyed. More than anything, though, Granville taught me how to learn and listen.  I have no doubt that without these experiences at GHS, I would not be in the position to be successful with (or even have) the opportunities that are now in front of me.  Thanks, Granville!"

Tom and Myra Gallant

Quality schools are a major asset to this community. To maintain and even improve this quality, I urge you to vote YES for the Granville schools income tax levy on May 8.

Read more

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Jeni and Shayne Miller

We moved from sunny Columbia, South Carolina, and North Carolina’s bustling Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill “triangle" in search of a superior public education for our four children.  Granville Schools continue to exceed our expectations. Supporting the levy comes at an obvious cost, yet that cost is far outweighed by the benefits gained through educational achievement, property values, and a thriving community. That Granville graduates return home to raise their own families just as strangers settle in from across the country is testament to the unique greatness of our village.

Adam Weinberg

I would encourage everyone to vote “Yes” for the levy. Nobody wants to pay higher taxes. Our taxes are already high, but schools are not the place to fight the tax battle. Granville is a strong community. Our generation is enjoying the strength of Granville. We owe it to the next generation to make sure we leave the community strong. No community stays strong without excellent schools. And none of our children are going to do well in life without a quality education. Read more

Susan Stoner Leithauser

We are voting yes because we did the math. We looked at our tax detail and reviewed what we pay. We reflected on the incredible value of the education our children receive and on the importance of keeping our schools safe and updated. Bottom line: our teachers and staff need to be funded and supported. Our elected officials have created a sound plan and we support their direction and efforts.

Lisa Stankunas

Early this year, the district converted to a high deductible health care plan to help control rising healthcare costs. District teachers such as myself accepted this healthcare change because we understand that it, much like to proposed levy, balances both the needs of individuals and the need to keep the district fiscally conservative and sustainable.

Wendy Bittel

As is with many of you, we moved here for the schools and found a community rich in a commitment to education at all stages of life. Our three children could not be more diverse in their interests, abilities, and passions. Each has experienced meaningful academic and extra-curricular engagement through teacher support, mentorship, and encouragement.  I'm thankful that their childhoods were spent here and in such an environment. I will gladly vote "yes" in May to support our schools, our teachers, and to continue the commitment to educating the future students that will come to call Granville Schools home.

Ruth Ann Parsley

It's a privilege to support our school administrators, teachers, and especially the children of our community by voting "YES" for the upcoming school levy.

Steve and Stacie Thaxton

Teaching is one of the hardest and most undervalued professions one can chose. We must provide our teachers with basic benefits, cost of living adjustments and manageable class sizes. We cannot achieve these goals without a new levy.

Read more. 

Jay Snyder

Our incredible school district underpins everything else that makes Granville special, and delivers ample educational value with the resources that only we can give them. I wish there were better school funding options available, but despite my reservations, I’m voting for this levy. Waiting for my perfect option to be on the ballot puts our children and our community’s future at risk."

Dan and patricia Finkelman

We have always believed the foundations of a great community are strong families and strong schools.  Granville Schools have consistently demonstrated that they are worthy of our support, with a record of high achievement, strong and responsible financial management, and great outcomes, graduates like our own daughters who leave Granville prepared to lead successful and satisfying lives. While we may quibble amongst ourselves regarding other taxes and their uses, there is no question in our minds that every single dollar of support for our schools is a wise, prudent, and efficient investment in our children and our community.” 

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